Cardboard & Concrete

I just keep seeing it everywhere. Cardboard is corrugated, folded or origarmied. I love it. It's inexpensive and pliable. Loving design can make you a little greedy and it's very easy to give yourself permission to change a room,  a look, or a colour because you love design and are following the latest trend. Accessories are the obvious updating tool. With cardboard you are never going to break the bank and can have a quick fix update. Cardboard origami lampshades are brilliant for parties to fill a marquee ceiling. They look great kept natural or spray paint them in amazing colours to your hearts content.

We love this grey origami shade by TwReborn, Etsy

When one thinks about concrete we are quick to imagine a hard cold material reminiscent of a 1970's tower block. Not so. It has become a thing of beauty and it doesn't need to be polished either.

We love these simply beautiful concrete accessories by

    Beautifully simple concrete vase & candlestick.      Smooth & cool concrete plate.