Christmas is coming ........

I am really quite excited. We have lots going on here at Sara Kirkby Event Style. To start the Christmas cheer we have designed a pop up bar. Our Narnia inspired Champagne & Prosecco  bar is coming to Bruton high street on Wednesday 7th December. So come and join us in the wardrobe opposite the Chapel if you are in the West Country. #chinkchink #poppop #corkspopping

We love the thought of a Christmas party. Dressing up, friends all together. Sparkle and joy. Here are a few of the things that we think you will love too.

. Christmas cocktails ......

How about a Christmassy Margarita flavoured with orange and cranberry? It is just up our street. Or if you are looking for a non alcoholic drink what about this pomegranate sparkling Mojito?

. Christmas canapés ...... 

We just love Jamie Oliver's DIY canapé spoons. Super easy and great for mixing different canapés on one party platter. And we adore these gorgeous mini Christmas pudding spoons.

. Christmas party tableware .....

We love, love these disposable Harlow & Grey marble side plates and Art Deco black & gold dinner plates. And if you love a bit of glitz and glamour Rockett St George have wonderfully decadent gold cutlery.


. Christmas tunes ......

When it comes to music there is only one choice, vinyl. So whether you love Sir Cliff or something more groovy let the turntables spin.



If you are anything like me and you love making Christmas amazing for everyone, just remember;

                                                                       YOU ARE A STAR

                                                                      YOU ARE A STAR


                                            HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY PARTYING

                                                                                     X X X