Let's party like it's 1999

The 1990's. A decade of ripping up the rule book, being who you wanted to be, mixing it up, taking some risks and having lots of fun. It was the youth quake of disruptive, raw edged cool. A time to create your own renegade. 2016 is taking its lead from the nineties and encouraging us to take on the same cool persona. Artist Damien Hirst is reopening his restaurant Pharmacy. He's crossing over the Thames and launching Pharmacy 2. Chef  Corrado Calza is serving up canap├ęs to resemble a rainbow of strobe lights in a dance club and a mini take on the 'Raver's breakfast'.  Fashion is going free style with neon high lights, Old Skool trackies and paired up grunge styling. 

Embrace the nineties trend and party like it's 1999. A party is taking a story and sharing it. It's a celebration of creativity. A chance to express yourself and share your personal style and music. Hold a private house party, an uber cool festival party, a party at an off grid location. Whatever you don't do, don't not have a party.