Packing a punch

I have cocktails on the brain at the moment. Clients are asking me 'What's the hot cocktail this summer?' Obviously I can't disclose all this information but tea in cocktails seems to be packing a punch!

In the early 1600's punch was adopted by adventurers travelling the Indian ocean. A drink made from 5 ingredients, sugar, lemon, water, tea and coconut palm. Mixed together and you had an exotic flavour new to Europe favoured by the rich and noble.

So go on pack a punch, I dare you. Here's 3 to get you started.

Milk Punch : Brandy, Rum,                  Orange Blossom Punch: Gin,     Jamaican Flower Punch:

Somerset Cider Brandy,                       lemon juice, syrup,                       Tequila, lime juice,

green tea, lemon juice, pineapple,    orange blossom water &             Hibiscus tea & blackberries.

spices , syrup & milk.                              jasmine tea.